Sunday, 27 May 2012

Week 6- Second Studio Rehearsal

Today we all turned up in lesson and some of us had our VT's done and ready to go onto the VT but again we were let down by certain individuals that didn't complete their VT's so we had to wait a few hours while others edited their work. My VT was complete and all I needed was a lower third, which Josh had made for me and also to export my work to the right format. This took me around 10-20 minutes to do and by around 10am my VT was complete and uploaded onto the tricaster ready to be used. We had around 4 VT's ready on the tricaster and Nabeel and Joe were just finishing off editing theirs. We started setting up the studio while people were finishing off editing their VT's and had a few issues with the cameras because we had two cameras that weren't showing any picture. I had a look at each camera and was very disappointed to see that someone had put the BNC cable into the wrong slot in the camera. We have been using this equipment all year and yet we have people that don't know which input the BNC cable goes into. This was very worrying considering that we had our live back-timed program coming up next week.

To add to their disappointment Ashley didn't turn up so they were missing lower thirds and also Ashley had been editing for Matty so he had no VT. It was now frustrating for everyone and the pressure was being shown as there was a little argument in the gallery between Josh and Mikael because Josh criticised Ashley for not coming in and Mikael misunderstood him. I believe its important for us to not make these mistakes on the day as when one person doesn't perform or doesn't turn up it has a huge effect on their team especially when they are the captains of the team. It seems that we aren't a well-oiled team, as a lot of people tend to let down their team whether it’s by lack of work or lack of attendance. 

We were ready by around 1-2pm, which meant that Ashley's team would probably not be able to film anything today. We were also without an important figure as our presenter Rebecca didn't turn up for us so we had to get a backup, which was Matty. We began with a nice track shot of the TV onto the presenter Matty who then begun to read off the autocue. Rebecca wasn't in so we were missing parts of the script but luckily Josh had parts of it so we were able to get a beginning and the rest of it we had to improvise. We were lucky to have Matty as a presenter because when he's on screen he can be very professional and knows how to keep a program going. We didn't have all our VT's or all of our crewmembers but we did well to put together a quick rehearsal. Although next week was going to be a real challenge, as we hadn't had a proper rehearsal and people still hadn't completed their VT's.

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