Monday, 28 May 2012

Pitch- Werneth Jamia Mosque

After my first idea about the media coverage on the Israel-Palestine conflict broke down because of, either a lack of knowledge on the subject or a willingness to comment on the subject I have been forced to change my idea.

I have decided to change my story and talk about the building of a mosque in my area. The VT will be informative and give other people an idea of what goes on inside a mosque, and how it is not just used as a place to pray. In the VT I will try to include links to history about other activities that would take place inside the mosque in the time of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), e.g. his companions would have wrestling matches inside the mosque. I will try to show the audiences that as well praying there are also educational and fun purposes to having a mosque. Also a mosque has a large role to play in the structure of its local community, as it is a place where a lot of people see each other.

I will also discuss the other issues about the progress of the mosque, the price it costs to build it and how they raise funds for the project. I will go around the local area and shoot vox pops with people giving their opinions on the matter and see if people are against or for the decision to build a mosque, which won’t be new but will be replacing an already established mosque. For my interview I will be speaking to a member of the mosque that has been involved largely in its progress and also give his/her opinion on why there are so many mosques being built around England and that area in particular. I will also shoot some GV’s of the progress and try to get hold of some images or footage of what the new mosque will look like after completion. Also my piece to cameras will be done on site next to where the building of the mosque is taking place.

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