Sunday, 27 May 2012

5-04-12- Piece to Camera and General Views

Today I went to Werneth Jamia Mosque to record my general views and piece to camera. I was accompanied by Mikael and he was going to be the camera operator for the day. Firstly I thought about getting a wide shot of the entire construction site for my opening, which I did from on top of a roof. Then we went downstairs to record some kids reading the Quran. I had issues with this because I had to either have a CRB check or get clearance from the parents of the kids. I decided to film just two children and I got their parents to sign a consent form to allow me to film them. After that I went downstairs to film my piece to camera in the main prayer hall. I had a script written down on my iPad and I memorised it for a few minutes then I was ready to go. It's the first time I had presented or reported on anything so I was a bit nervous I'd come across too relaxed, which I usually do. It took me around 4/5 takes because sometimes I would forget my lines or I wasn't happy with the tone of my voice.

When I was done with the piece to camera I went outside to get some more shots of the new construction site and some shots of the current mosque. I was running out of time as I only had a couple of bars left on the camera battery. I took a few shots of the current mosque then I circled around the construction site taking various shots of it. In my mind I had already decided that I would begin by talking about the current mosque, then move on to the new mosque and end by talking about the future of the mosque and what it has to offers.

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