Sunday, 27 May 2012

Final Week- Assessment Day

On the final assessment day, most people did turn up on time but we still had the same issue of some people doing the setup while others sat down and did nothing. Although there were some people that were going through scripts and trying to time their program to make sure it was right. We decided that Ashley's group would go first so we set up and my group sat in the computer room while the others got on with the production. While they were doing that we were talking about our production and how it should go. Josh had all the VT's on the tricaster and we knew what order everything was going in so we were ready to go. We were 6 minutes short last week but that was because we were missing a couple of VT's so we were confident today we'd be spot on with the timing.

After Ashley's group had finished we went on dinner while they de-rigged the studio. When we came back we were surprised to see that they had not put things back in their places and left wires all over the gallery. They made our job of setting up very difficult after we helped them set up in the morning and we found this to be very childish because it was our assessment day, we didn't need to be put under more pressure by such tricks. Someone left three Sony V1's on the desk which we thought were left from when they de-rigged but it turned out someone had left them there as well. They weren't actually needed because the other group used the Panasonic P2's to shoot their program. I set up the cameras along with Kas and everyone worked on their own part. However we had a lot of difficulties with the autocue and this was probably my week point. Ezra and Imogen, on the other hand were very good with it and they sorted it out. It took us a long time to set up and this put us under pressure because before we went for the take we had to get in a practice run. We also had issues with the news piece that had to be edited on the day because Ashley was complaining that ours wasn't actually edited as it was footage that we took from the Champions League Final, but it still had to be edited on the day which Josh did very well to make it a part of our sports section.

We had an issue during our practice run because Matty wasn't familiar with his part on the news section and Josh asked me to frame him up for my camera but he was reading off the autocue, which was set up on camera two. We decided we had no choice but to frame him up on my camera but I would go very close to camera two to try and make it look like he was looking at my camera. After a shaky start to the production we started moving very smoothly and Rebecca was warming up to being the presenter and begun to come into her own. Towards the end during the sports section when Nabeel's VT was playing we had an issue with time because we had a final VT prepared but realised we were running out of time fast. We had to quickly move onto the end of the show but had to cut that short as well because we had gone over our time. A good production ended quite badly but I think for something we only rehearsed once it didn't go as bad as most of us expected.

From now on I think we all need to be a little bit more professional and do our work on time so it is ready to be rehearsed instead of bringing it in on the assessment day thinking it will all be timed well and done perfectly. As a team however, I think we did well. We all helped each other on our VT's and we made sure, as a group that everyone had their VT on the tricaster, on time, on the date. I believe in the future we should use this as a lesson to be learned because although we just about scraped through on this occasion I don't think it was very professional and personally I wouldn't watch it if it was on TV. We all need to watch more news packages and learn how it's done because some of the VT's looked like they were shot to be in a film or drama.

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