Monday, 28 May 2012

News Package Research

Today I'm researching news programs to see how they're filmed and timed. I will be commenting on the style, content and running order.

This news program which focused mainly on the London riots last year. The style of the news program was similar to most BBC news programs. Firstly the presenter gives a preview of the main headlines and sports events. Before every VT you will see an introduction to it by the news presenter which is really the beginning of the story, e.g. The presenter will begin by giving the headline and also give some facts, then pass it over the news reporter that is standing by or if it is pre-recorded it will cut to that. Usually you see the presenter move on to different stories but because it was mainly focused on the riots the presenter passes through different elements of the story, e.g. first they covered images of the riots the night before, then they covered the aftermath, and then they covered the possible problem resolving.

The VT's are structured well and project the voices of the public well. The voice overs are well spoken and the story is produced in a simple structure which helps gives the audience a thorough understanding of what is happening. The story it self I believe is very objective and allows the audience to see both sides of the story through the publics voice. The main headline is given most of the time. The clip is nine minutes long and most of it if on the London riots subject, which means that the other two thirds of the news program must consist of other headlines, news and sports. I see the BBC as leaders in news programming and can always be used as example for people to watch and learn on how to put together a news package.

For the next news package I've chose the breaking news of the 9/11 tragedy. The reason I chose this is because it's different to the other one and is being broadcasted live. With live broadcasts the news is much slower and takes longer for the presenter to talk about because they are waiting for the news to come through while they are producing it. The graphics are on each side of the screen because there is the regular lower thirds which you would see on every news package and also a 'live' graphic which indicates that the broadcast is live. Graphics are important not just for the style of the package but also to help the viewers as it gives them an indication of what time things are happening, where they are happening and if someone else is providing images then they may be able to switch over to the broadcast which is more up to date.

When a broadcast is live you see that the news broadcasters are trying to receive information and images from other news broadcasts. Also they try their best to get eye witness interviews on radio microphones as they don't have enough time to get there themselves. It is very intense and most people don't get to finish their interviews or give their views because the broadcast would then move on to something else if there is more news being released.

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