Sunday, 27 May 2012

Week 2- Presentation

This week we had to do our presentations on what our VT's were going to be about. My VT was about the media coverage of the Israel-Palestine conflict. Also we had to produce a 300 word pitch which would have to promote our VT ideas. Compared to other people my VT was on a very big, complicated topic which was going to be difficult to fit into two and a half to three minutes. Within the complete package we also had to think about presenting, introductions and interviews which was going to be very tight and difficult to time correctly. For my VT I knew it would be difficult to find someone to interview although Mikael said he knew someone from Palestine who was living in Manchester and he would try to organise an interview for me and I also had a friend who was going to Gaza in a couple of weeks and he agreed to record some footage for me to use as cut aways. As for my vox pops I was going to go with Josh and Imogen next week to film them in Manchester city centre. What I wanted was to get three different types of interviews; one which would show someone who didn't know much about it, one where someone would talk about the Palestinians as victims and another one which would be on the side of the Israeli people.

We filled out an equipment booking form and handed it in for next weeks lesson. We were also hoping on some good weather which would make our jobs easier and help us because people don't like standing around in the rain. Our equipment for next week included:

  • 1 Sony V1 camera
  • 1 Sony batter
  • 1 Tripod
  • 1 Gun microphone (with softy)
  • 1 XLR 3 pin cable
The task for next week was to film three vox pops for each of us and also some general views for cut aways. 

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