Sunday, 27 May 2012

8-04-12- Vox Pops

Today I was after getting some vox pops and I stationed my self outside the mosque on a Friday after the main prayer and waited outside as there was well over 100 people there. After I got my first interview it started raining so I had to pack up and leave. I then got some help from my friend who said I could use his house to film some of the vox pops. He had a white background in his house so I decided to use it to make it look like I was filming in the corridors of the mosque. I got three people to come and film the interviews, which went very smoothly. It took me around 30 minutes to do all three then I had all the elements of my news package ready including my voice overs which I recorded at home.

I had a tough time to begin with when I couldn't get my news story about Israel and Palestine together but after countless disappointment and a good lecture from Sam I had my whole news package done within a week. I think if I, or anyone else in the class could put that kind of effort into their news package we would have been able to easily get three rehearsals in before the assessment day. It just goes to show that planning and preparation is everything, and if you really need to do something you can. I hope we all learn from this important lesson and next year if we need to put together another news package like this, then we put the effort in right from the beginning instead of waiting for everything to fall on our laps.

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