Sunday, 27 May 2012

22-04-12- Interview with Haje Rahman

Today I had to visit one of the committee members of the mosque for an interview. I had organised this before hand with him and I was going to visit him at his home. I took my own equipment with me, so I had my DSLR camera, Zoom microphone, tripod and microphone tripod as well. The interview was done in his office infront of his desk. Before we begun I tried to dress his desk so it would look presentable and also look good on the camera. I had a bit of a problem with the lighting but he was kind enough to provide me with a lamp to use to make it brighter. I also asked him to change the desktop on his computer to a slideshow of images of the new mosque. When I was happy with the setup and what I saw in the camera I decided to frame him to the right of the screen. There was no real reason behind it, it was just personal preference. During the interview I was having some issues with the camera because it kept switching off by itself so I messed about with the camera settings and then it was fine.

I shot the interview twice and had to make Mr. Rahman clap on screen so I could then sync it up with the separate microphone I was recording on. I did a good job finding him as he was well spoken and was also probably the most involved member, so he could share a lot of information with me. It took me around an hour to complete the interview including setup and I was more than happy with the footage I had captured.

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