Sunday, 27 May 2012

Week 5- Studio Rehearsal

Today we had to practice on setting up the studio, which we should be ok with because we had set up the studio on numerous occasions. It took us around 30-45 minutes in setting up the studio but a problem we have always had occurred once again. Not everyone gets involved in the set up and some people tend to sit back and watch while others set up. Also every week there is at least 5-10 people that don't turn up on time and at least 5 people a week don't bother turning up at all. This creates a huge problem as when people turn up late they're usually not helpful and people that don't turn up at all cause issues on the final studio date because they have no idea on what their role is or how to do it correctly and efficiently. I have found that when we come up against issues on the studio floor where there are problems with the cameras, it turns out that people don't know how to fix them, which is a problem because we have been using the same kit all year and we should be familiar with the problems we get each time.

We still show signs of improvement as everyone is familiar with the equipment needed and how each piece of equipment helps the production. We all get one well and work well together but should really help and motivate each other a little bit more to work harder. Over time if we don't work better together better and show more of a group performance we can not learn something that will help us in our futures or produce a great standard of work.

After we set up we sat down and Sam spoke to us about how disappointed she was that we did not have many VT's on the tricaster for a rehearsal. She also told us that we were not at a professional level which was disappointing because we had been doing this project for a while now and that was the level we were aiming for. I believe the reason for this is because when people don't turn up to lessons they have no idea where the class as a whole is up to and they end up behind the rest of the class, which is exactly what happened here. I my self had not finished filming my VT because I had to change my idea, but I still felt disappointed in my self because I let the rest of my group down. As a result of this I booked two dates straight away the following week for filming so that I could complete my VT so it was ready to go onto the tricaster.

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