Sunday, 27 May 2012

Week 4- New Idea

This week I was given more bad news after I contacted my friend that had been in Gaza over the past two weeks. When I messaged him he told me that he wasn't able to record any footage himself and was trying to get it from someone that went with him. I had to wait for him to ask someone else for the footage but he told me it wasn't looking very good because the people that had the footage weren't answering his messages so it was time to think of a new idea.

After considering a few options I decided to produce a VT on a local mosque which was being built in my area of Oldham. I think that non Muslims don't know enough about the religion or its features and most of what people know, again is from what they see on TV. This probably isn't the best place to learn about the religion as it is something that needs to be experienced first hand, e.g. reading the Quran or visiting a mosque. My VT will be current and informative so it can help people understand what takes place inside a mosque.

I had an issue with equipment because it was a very busy time in college not just for first years but also second years booking out equipment. I decided to get my own camera and microphone to make things easier for me when I'm filming so it gives me more time and allows me to be more flexible for when I need to film. I had to make sure I filmed and edited my VT soon as we were coming up fast to the practice runs for our back-timed news programs.

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