Friday, 20 January 2012

Research Portfolio

Research Portfolio

Jonathan Ross Show

After watching and studying an interview on The Jonathan Ross show I mapped out a floor plan of where I thought the cameras were and also why they were stationed at those positions. The first thing I noticed was the safe shot, which is in middle of the studio. It is also one of three cameras which I think are primarily for the interview shots. I also found three other cameras which I believe are on cranes and they are there because of the interviewee. Lee Evans who is a real character and very practical when he’s on stage, e.g. he bungee jumps onto the studio and also runs across the studio to the other side of it. For those reasons I believe that they needed some cameras on cranes to keep up with the artist being interviewed.

I watched the show around three times to make sure I was sure about where all the cameras are and how many cameras were involved. It was difficult because the cameras had to zoom out for the interviewee, as he kept on getting up and moving which is unusual for an interview. What helped me was that before the end of each shot I saw the cameras begin to zoom back in for the close ups during the interview.

I think the production was done very well considering that the interviewee was very active and would not stop moving around. I believe the best idea was to have those three cameras on cranes to follow around Lee Evans. Without those I believe the show would not have looked as good because the picture wouldn’t look as good if it were to keep tilting up and down. The panning on the cranes look a lot better and create a smoother image.

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