Monday, 23 January 2012

Blog 2- Ricardo


The next week we researched other television and news programmes in order to look at how they were being filmed and also gather some ideas from them. What we looked out for was the opening, how they cut to the VT and closing of the show.

In this video the presenter, who is also the on-scene news reporter is explaining how news is reported within the video itself. Usually before the presenter there is some animation, which then cuts straight to the studio and the presenter introduces the topic. After the opening it cuts to some VT and then the on-scene news presenter is either stood still or walking while explaining more on the topic. After some more VT the graphics are included with some shots of interviews with the public and also an interview with someone who has been effected by the topic. The programme either ends in the studio with the presenter or with a shot of something after the news reported gone of the screen.

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