Monday, 23 January 2012

Blog 6- Ricardo

Studio Setup

The final week before the main rehearsals we came together as a group and discussed what our studio would look like on the day of our shoot. We decided because the topic was the collaboration between music and media students we would place props such as music instruments and filming equipment on the table and floor. Although we had curtains behind the presenter and guests we decided we would use a board as well as we could attach some props to it like music posters. Instead of two chairs we wanted to use a sofa to give the programme more of a chat show feel and it would make our guests more comfortable when talking. For the presenter we decided to use a red chair to make it stand out so we know who the presenter is and it looked better than the normal chairs. We also completed our group paperwork, which was the running order, signal pathways and the programme proposal. We were ready for next week when we were going to rehears our full programme.

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