Thursday, 19 January 2012

Assessment 2- 17th January

When we arrived on the day we immediately started setting up and it was a lot faster than the first assessment day because it wasn't our first day of filming. Although we set up by 12:00 we still had to wait for the music technicians to set up downstairs so we had to wait for them which was ok because the first act was set to perform at 13:30. We all went for lunch and when we returned we ready to film except we were having issues with the online stream. I'm not sure what the problem was because I was on the studio floor but after a short while we were ready to begin.

For the first act I shadowed the floor manager as that was to be my job for the second act. The first act was quite slow because of the issues with the online stream and also the presenters were taking some time getting ready downstairs. When it came to my turn I was under pressure to speed up the filming as the performer was getting pretty hot under the lights. I worked closely with the director and made sure the camera operators were set up and ready to go as we were behind on time.

I had everyone upstairs ready and spoke to the artists. I asked them to practice while we wait for the team downstairs to prepare for the shoot. We were waiting for a while before they ready downstairs. From what I heard over the headset I believe they were waiting for the presenters to be ready but what I think it was is that there was a lack of communication between the presenters and the director. Once they were ready we began and it went very smoothly, then after the shoot I asked the runner (Danny) to escort one of the acts downstairs to film. I went downstairs as well to ensure that everything went well and there was no more miscommunications between the director and presenters.

We had 5 more acts to go and I didn't have a job for non of them so I had to help out in the presenters room. We had a camera in there so I used that twice within the last five interviews. Also I set up the boom microphones so that we captured the best sound. It was more difficult during the interviews because there was always a different amount of people being interviewed. When I wasn't filming I was the floor manager to help make things move faster.

During one of the shoots the vision mixer forgot the press the record button and so did the person in control of the online stream so we had one unrecorded video. We had three more acts left and we decided that we were going to move things as quick as possible so we could have time to re-record the other bands. We had to record three acts within an hour so that we had fifteen minutes left to record the other band again. I worked as fast as I could downstairs making the presenters hurry with their performances so that we had time. We just about made time by starting filming at 16:05 and we had to be done in ten minutes. We finished a few minutes late and had our technician waiting for us outside. We de-rigged everything within fifteen minutes and loaded it into the van. I believe it was a very successful day and any issues that we did have were resolved. The fact that we were able to re-record one of the acts is proof that we were able to be quick and efficient.

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