Monday, 5 December 2011

Sound/Audio and Lighting


The use of sound/audio is very important in news and news stories. Music, sound effects and dialogue all contribute to an overall news package. From the beginning of a news package, you hear music along with the graphics and then it cuts into the anchor speaking. News stories within the package also include sound with voice overs and interviews. The news without sound would not really tell a story which is why it is vital to the complete news package.

In our news package I don't think we will have any sound at the beginning of the news package because we don't have any graphics. Instead it will be an interview question posed on a blank screen and then the question will be answered by the interviewees along with sound from the music videos which they were involved in.


Lighting is essential in all aspects of television and can be used to set the scene for a shot e.g. blue colour would symbolise coolness and orange would symbolise warmth. Lighting in a news studio is usually preset because the director isn't looking for any particular type of lighting apart from on occasions where the lights will go dim at the end of a news package. It is very important when a news report is taking place at night that the reporter is well lit for the audience watching.

For our news package the interviews will have been shot using regular ceiling lighting and we won't be having a news anchor so there won't be any need for studio lighting. The cutaways being used have already been shot using studio lighting.

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