Monday, 12 December 2011



For our news package show we first decided to put together a short video about a Paralympic hopeful from the Manchester College called Emily Rawlins. After a few failed attempts to get in touch with her and get her to ring us back we decided to change our story to someone/something that we would be able to get in touch with and interview. When we first decided to the news package about Emily I had a feeling that we would have trouble getting in touch with her because she wasn’t in the same campus as us, which is also the reason why we didn’t do a news piece about the principle of the college.

Our new idea is to make a news package about the work being done between the music, and media students at the Manchester College. I think it is a good idea because it would help people understand a little bit about how it works when an artist is performing and being filmed. E.g. people may wonder how shows like X-Factor and Britain’s Got Talent work. Although this may not be on a scale as large as those shows it gives the audience a little taste of what its like. Our target audience will me males and females between the age of 16 and 25 because I believe this is the age range of people that would be interested in how it all works.

The news show will be approximately one minute long. There won’t be a presenter or voice-overs, instead we will use questions posed on screen. It will include an interview with 2 students and a presenter about what both students expected and if there expectations were met. The package will also include performances from the music students and some footage of the media students when they are setting up and filming the performances.

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