Monday, 5 December 2011

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Filming Techniques

Filming techniques are important in order for the director to be able to portray his thoughts onto screen.  They can be used in different ways to depict different stories, e.g. if a director wanted to show a scene that was scary then they would probably not use a tripod to give the audience a shaky shot which would be seen as unstable and risky.

Interview Techniques

Interviewing a subject can be tricky at times especially when its someone you expect to approach and interview because you won't know what to expect from them. It is usually best to prep a person before you interview them and make sure they feel comfortable in the environment. It is important to ask the right questions and in order to get the most information out of the interviewee you should ask open questions. That way you have more footage to cut through for your final interview.

Health and Safety & Risk Assessments

Risk Assessment forms are essential to a shoot because without a risk assessment being completed, a shoot could not take place. It is very important to highlight the dangers when working in a studio or on location because when you work in the TV industry then it is likely that you will be working with heavy and hot equipment. There are usually wires running across the floor and it is important to keep them covered. Health and Safety risks like those are avoidable by filling out a Risk Assessment form.


A copyright logo/notice is used to identify to the world that a piece or work/idea has copyright ownership. To copyright an idea is the job of the owner/creator and does not need permission from anyone else. If someone copyrights there work/idea it is piece of mind for them to ensure that their work will not be emulated.

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