Monday, 14 November 2011

New Program Proposal

New Program Proposal

We have decided to change our program idea because we couldn't get hold of Emily, our main character from the last idea we had. So we have decided to change our story to the collaboration of the music and media students at the Manchester College. We have already got some footage and also shot some interviews with two of the music students when they came to perform. The news package interviews will include the expectations of both music and media students and also what they thought of it after it was all completed.

The news package will be 1-2 minutes long and will include interviews of both sets of students and also cut-aways of the music students performing. The program it self will be longer than 1-2 minutes, it will be 5 minutes long. The extended version will be the overall program which will also be used for Ricardos' lesson. The news package will be used as part of a News Broadcast to be aired.

Our target audience 15-25 year old males and females. Largely targeting college students that are interested in new up and coming bands.

VT will include bands playing along with the media students filming them along with voice from the interviews.
  • Production style
    • Title sequence - Follow codes and conventions already laid out by industry.
    • End credits - Either scrolling or maybe not any credits
    • Set design: 2 chairs, white background or possible green screen

The music students are on a similar course to us and both courses combine in an effort to help one another by helping the other students practice what they will be doing once they have finished their studies. Like us they also get an option to choose what they want to do in their field. They have many options from music performers, producers, musicians or technologists. We thought it was an interesting story because its not something you would usually see. Two opposite courses coming together to give each other experience in their own field as well as another and to give each other a piece of work for them to take away.

These students are also given the opportunity to work with professional bands and perform live shows as well. They use professional level equipment such as recording studios, live performance venues, industry standard software and industry level sound equipment. This gives them the opportunity to produce industry level music and performances.

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