Monday, 24 October 2011

News Style and Graphics

Ideas for camera angles

How will the news package look

Our news piece will be an interview along with some cut aways of Emily doing what she does everyday. To ensure that we get the best possible news package I think we should capture the interview as well as the cut aways from three or more different camera angles. For the interview I think first we should choose a particular location and also consider the background. The three shots I would suggest are a wide shot, mid shot and a close up. I would use a close up for when we're asking the personal questions and use the mid/wide shots for other questions. I would make sure she is away from any walls and maybe put a light up against the back wall to give the interview a nice touch. A good location would be at the college where she studies because it would be easier for her and probably make her feel more comfortable.

It'll be good to have more than one shot so that the interview doesn't look one dimensional and as a back up just in case one of the other shots isn't working well for us. Another good back up for the interview and to make it look more interesting will be cut aways because they give the audience more of an understanding of what the new package is about. For the cut aways I'd like to to show both sides of her life. One side of her when she's in college learning and the other side when she is training for the upcoming Paralympic.

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