Monday, 10 October 2011

Program Proposal


We had to think of ideas for a news package which involved the Manchester College. We thought of a few ideas including, the Principle of Manchester College, Higher Education courses, Student fees, Tutors and Student lifestyle.

We have decided to make a 30 second news package on a student from the Manchester College. Emily Rawlins will be competing in the London 2012 Paralympics. She is 3rd in the world for hammer-throw and 12th for discus.

I also researched INAS which is an international charity and the recognised international federation for athletes with intellectual disabilities. I researched what the organisation is about, when it began and how it is funded.

After a little more research we found that students from the Vehicle Repair and Paint Operations diploma course are helping the Team GB bobsleigh team repair and paint their bobsleigh's. So then we decided to do a news package on the Olympics and the connections between it and the Manchester College.

Then we decided to research on how news packages are produced. I did some research on other news packages from TV on websites to see how they have been shot and put together.

After watching this news clip i realised how the package is put together: opening with graphics and music, then going straight to the news presenter. After he announces the headline story (tsunami) he goes straight into an interview, and although he isn't able to get a face interview with the man it is done over the phone with cut aways of images of where the man is currently staying. Due to the news team not being able to go there the man has filmed the event on his mobile and it is used as a cutaway along with images of the after effects of the tsunami. During the course of the news package there are graphics in the lower third which include other news headlines. At the end of the news package it is closed with more graphics and music.

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